Gladstone parents to get call over low vaccination rate

GLADSTONE'S child immunisation rate is below the preferred rate of 95% as the Queensland Government plans to start making calls to parents.

The parents of every five-year-old child in Gladstone will be contacted to determine if their child has up to date vaccinations.

The purpose of the phone calls, which will be made by 13 HEALTH, is to help achieve 95% immunisation among young Queenslanders.

Gladstone MP Glenn Butcher said in the Central Queensland Health and Hospital service area, only 92.5% of children were fully vaccinated by the time they were five.

"Our focus is making sure those kids who've missed out on the health benefits of vaccination get a chance to catch up," he said.

"Recent state and federal government changes make it not just a public health issue but one that will directly impact family budgets."

If a child is not up to date with vaccinations, the parent will be connected with local GPs or vaccination clinics.

State chief health officer Dr Jeanette Young says if a level of 95% of vaccination in the community is not reached, diseases previously eradicated could reappear in Queensland.

"A lot of those diseases are still very significant diseases elsewhere in the world, and when (unvaccinated) people go overseas they can bring them back and we see them emerge again," she said.

The calls will begin on October 1.