Mike Richards

Crocs' new softball player loves the competition

CROCS under-15 softball player Connor Edgerton, 12, has relished the chance to play competitive softball for the first time with his new club.

As his team did battle with Jets, Connor took time out for a chat with the Observer.

"I have been doing OK and it's my first game in this type of competition," Edgerton said despite his team going down 15-2 to the Jets.

"I have been playing with my school St Stephen's Lutheran."

He added that he enjoys the many facets of softball, but pointed out there are two main ones that he wants to excel in.

"It's pretty fun and I do actually prefer batting and fielding and my coach has been giving me a few tips," Edgerton said.

He has another focus and that is tonight's Gladstone Summer6 soccer grand final for his team F1 Freestylers which are up against Central.

"I usually play right back or on a wing," Edgerton said.

His rival, Jets star Joshua Ferguson, hit an amazing home run where the ball sailed over the infield and over the outfield which had the healthy crowd cheering.

"I hit it sweet and it felt really good off the bat," a pumped Ferguson said.

"Out of all of my seven years of playing softball, this was my second homer."

Ferguson is also a sporting all-rounder where he represents Valleys Diehards in rugby league, but his passion lies with ball and bat.

"I'm probably better in softball and have made some representative teams and am off to Blacktown for the national titles next month," he said.


A-GRADE WOMEN: Souths 17 d Telfords A 3, Telfords 9 d Psyclones 8

B-GRADE WOMEN: Souths Blue d Telfords, Souths White d Psyclones (forfeit)

U15: Jets 17 d Crocs 2

U13: Crocs 11 d Dodgers 8, Dodgers 15 d Angels 1