Sparklers were popular in the Glow in the Dark event
Sparklers were popular in the Glow in the Dark event Contributed GLA241016ARCHERY

Glowing praise for archers

ARCHERY: The Gladstone Field Archers Club hosted a unique event recently.

The Glow in the Dark comprised of illuminated targets annd coloured paintings.

"We had fluorescent coloured animals painted onto black cardboard,” club president Steven 'TJ' Wyatt said.

"These were highlighted by black lights and we had glow in the dark sticks and balloons to shoot at.

"Some of the three-dimensional targets were turned into porcupines.

"To finish off the fun, we taped sparklers to the end of arrows, lit them and then shot them down the practice range.

"It was fantastic to see the "shooting stars" falling to the ground.”

The event was not competition-based, but rather a social event and given the interest, it seems likely there will be another GITD shoot at a later date.

Wyatt added that while it is a fun event, the safety takes precedence.

"Safety is paramount, as always. All participants needed to wear reflective safety vests, enclosed shoes, carry a torch and needed to follow strict shooting rules which govern shooting on the practice range. Prior to shooting the sparklers the practice range was well watered,” he explained.

The club will host its own website and Facebook site under Gladstone Field Archers Inc.

New members at senior and junior level are always welcome at the club by contacting the club on the website or via Facebook.

There are six more regular shoots from this Sunday with the final event on Sunday, December 11.