GLNG's 200th shipment arrives at Korea

THIS week Santos GLNG's 200th shipment of LNG arrived at Korea, marking a major milestone for the $25 billion project.

The vessel, YK Sovereign, docked at the Incheon terminal on Monday.

Details of the milestone were released just days after EnergyQuest gas analyst Graeme Bethune warned GLNG and the two other Curtis Island projects would struggle to fulfil domestic and international contracts as demand is driven up during winter.

Santos chief executive Kevin Gallagher credited the company's ongoing work to offer a cleaner power source globally.

"For the next two decades, the International Energy Agency expects natural gas to grow more than any other energy type, to a market share of more than a quarter of all global energy demand,” Mr Gallagher said.

"Population growth, rapid urbanisation and the need to clean up air pollution across Asia will drive demand for Australian LNG.

"And as a lower carbon alternative to coal, natural gas will continue to play a key role in the pathway to lower carbon emissions.”

The Curtis Island project shipped its first cargo of LNG in October 2015.