Glitter Strip younger bride's swipe: 'He's impotent'

A YOUNGER wife who's blabbing about her 'impotent' husband, the long-running sale of an iconic hotel, the extreme lengths one of the Gold Coast's movers and shakers has gone to make his mansion private and a few salacious moments out on the town.

Here's the latest gossip on the Glitter Strip.



They have a younger woman/older man marriage and it appears things aren't going too well in the matrimonial stakes.

She has confessed to a girlfriend that her hubby not-so-dearest is 'incompetent' in bed.

The friend, anxious to get the facts and nothing but the facts, asked if she meant 'impotent'. 'Oh! Sorry," she said. "That's what I meant but both words apply." Ouch!


She is usually held together in designer gear and lives on the Street of Costa-Lotta but when hubby dearest forgot to take the car in for a service he told her to just hop in her auto in her flannelette nightie and follow him to the service centre as no one would see her and he was running late.


Unfortunately he forgot to tell her where he was going and she lost him on the trip.

Poor madam, who is not the brightest star in the galaxy, simply got out at a service station and begged for help.

Luckily it was not summer as she would have been parading the streets in a sheer baby doll nightie. Hello boys indeed!


This busty beauty may have wondered why she had men to the left and men to the right on her recent night out.

While everything was in place from the front view she was busting out of her dress on either side giving new meaning to the term 'side boob'.

They are real and they certainly are spectacular but the ill-fitting dress caused spillage that was akin to the Hinze Dam during a flood. On the plus side it made the boys happy.


More tales from in front of the camera. Snapped at a function with a beautiful young thing this dapper Dan was a picture of togetherness when he was asked to pose.

Ten minutes later he sidled up alone and pretty please asked if the pic not be published.

A mumbled apology, a lame excuse re work and off he went.

One of his friends who witnessed the exchange then said, "He's with the wrong woman and his fiancé is not a forgiving type."


HANS Torv, Hot Tomato radio el supremo, might well have celebrated with a cigar when he learned that his three-year effort to sell Southport's Courthouse Hotel finally had succeeded.

He was in Cuba, and had been out of contact for five days, when he was told that Asian buyers who had failed to settle a $3.7 million sale on time had resurfaced with the money, ahead of a quick-fire auction.

Hans, who with sister Anna Mann paid $5 million for the hotel in 2005, previously had sold off the hotel's $2 million or so worth of pokie licences.

Hans Torv is elated the Courthouse Hotel in Southport has finally sold. Picture Mike Batterham
Hans Torv is elated the Courthouse Hotel in Southport has finally sold. Picture Mike Batterham


GORDON Merchant, Billabong surfwear founder, is believed to have paid $1.1 million to safeguard his privacy at his hilltop Tugun home.

He's apparently snared a neighbouring 2.6ha holding that is the only other title on the hilltop that is accessed by a bridge across the Tugun bypass.

The land, bought by a company linked to Philippines investor Philip Cea as part of a $2.8 million deal in 1995, carries approval for a luxury mansion.


Gordon Merchant's house at Tugun.
Gordon Merchant's house at Tugun.


CHINESE buyers who have been mooting a luxury 17-level tower on the beachfront at Main Beach appear to have had a change of heart.

They're putting the 617 sqm Main Beach site, bought for $6.5 million 18 months ago, back on the market.

The land, which abuts the prestige Ocean Isles building, is home to a four-unit low-rise called Poppas and is the subject of a development application before the city council.


We know this shop has become ghostly quiet of late but that does not excuse certain store owner refusing to return customer's money after a botched order.

He promised delivery by a certain date, took the money and then rang on the day of delivery to say they could not supply the promised goods.

The purchaser is still waiting for a full refund. Unfortunately there is nothing as toxic as word of mouth and this disgruntled would-be-buyer is spreading the bad word fast and very furiously.


Did we over hear a local media maiden chatting at a recent VIP dinner about her experience at a Swingers Club?

Apparently, her male friend (yes just friend) begged her to go along with him to check out the local swingers scene.

After much consideration, she agreed.

Although there was plenty of action happening all around her, she said that all guests were very well mannered in their approach.

A simple no thanks was all that was required to fend off any seductive attempts of conversation or intimate advances.

No word as to if she will return to the club, but her male friend is a resounding definite to return to the adult playground. Next! #friendsandfantasies