Coal mining in an open pit
Coal mining in an open pit

Glencore reveals major Bowen Basin mining contract deal

A ONE-YEAR supply contract has been announced for four Glencore coal mines in Central Queensland.

H-E Parts International will supply all ancillary mining equipment as well as prime production mining truck, excavator and drill rig fleets at Clermont, Rolleston, Hail Creek and Collinsville mines, as well as at the mining giant's other 20 sites across the country.

The contract will be managed by H-E Parts Mining Solutions Cooling Division branches and has the possibility to be extended for a further 12 months based on performance.

Mining Solutions vice president Ashley Hams said various styles of independent radiators and complete modular nose cones, including the radiator, fan and motor would be supplied.

"Through historic and ongoing service delivery as well as continuous product engineering innovation, our COR Cooling™ product and service lines have advanced to be a market leader," Mr Hams said.

"The ability to supply application specific cooling systems to our mining and industrial customers working in some of the toughest conditions in the world had demonstrated the engineering and quality prowess that H-E Parts has become synonymous with."

The contract incorporates supply and overhaul of new and service exchanged radiators for Glencore's mobile equipment fleets across 24 mine sites in Australia.

H-E Parts is an independent supplier of parts, remanufactured components and equipment, which provides innovative solutions to the global mining, quarrying, heavy construction, and energy sectors.