Glam bodybuilder charged with serial drug offending

A ONCE glamorous bodybuilder who a court heard has spent her last two birthdays in jail for drug offending has been told by a magistrate she is "part of the machine" that causes a significant number of children to land in foster care.

Nerida Lee Shadforth, 38, was granted bail and will face a string of drugs charges at the Brisbane District Court later in the year.


Nerida Lee Shadforth has been granted bail on drugs charges.
Nerida Lee Shadforth has been granted bail on drugs charges.



Appearing at the Cleveland Magistrates Court on Thursday via video link, Shadforth was charged with multiple counts of drug possession and supply for alleged offending that occurred between October 2019 and March this year at various locations in Capalaba and Alexandra Hills.

Magistrate Deborah Vasta said it was time for Shadforth to take stock of affect of her alleged offending.

"You are hurting yourself and the people you are dealing drugs to," Magistrate Vasta said.

"Do you know a third of the kids in child safety are there just because their parents use Ice?

"So how would you feel (knowing) that you supplied Ice to some mother, who because of her drug addiction, keeps using and her kids just stay in foster care?

"You are part of the problem, you are not part of the solution.

"If you supply Ice to some poor mother you are part of the machinery."

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Duncan Blackburn said the defendant was an unacceptable risk to the community given her history of drug offending which resulted in her spending her last two birthdays in jail.


Nerida Lee Shadforth.
Nerida Lee Shadforth.




Sen Sgt Blackburn said Shadforth, who was on 18 months' parole, had previously been convicted of drug offences while on bail and without drug counselling would continue to end up before the courts.

Shadforth's defence solicitor Allan Phillips said his client had everything in life - an advanced education, a house and cars - before spiralling into a drug addiction that has seen her "before the courts over and over".

Magistrate Vasta said that Shadforth, who had secured safe housing, was vulnerable herself and must be protected "from every bastard drug dealer".

The magistrate said although the charges against the defendant were serious they were not for trafficking and had not included robberies.


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