Gladys’ relationship with disgraced MP



NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has revealed she was in a close personal relationship with disgraced former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire.

In bombshell evidence to the Independent Commission Against Corruption, Ms Berejiklian insisted it was "never, ever" a conflict of interest.

Ms Berejiklian is the star witness today at hearings investigating Mr Maguire's conduct after the inquiry heard evidence he sought payments to help broker deals with property developers.

Last week, ICAC heard evidence that Mr Maguire gave Ms Berejiklian's email as contact to help a landowner lobby for rezoning changes.

It was claimed he suggested that the premier would be able to provide "a tickle form up top."

The NSW Premier has told the inquiry that she "did not care" about Mr Maguire's financial position and had "never relied on anybody else in my life".

"If you're suggesting that I cared about his financial position, I reject that completely. I did not care. That was his business, it had nothing to with me,'' she said.

"I've never relied on anybody else in my life. And I wouldn't start then."

Ms Berejiklian was then asked, "You didn't care about it?"


Former Wagga Wagga Liberal MP Daryl Maguire.
Former Wagga Wagga Liberal MP Daryl Maguire.


NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.


"No. I will not accept that I cared about his financial status. That was for him to worry

about, and I didn't worry about it,'' she said.

However, she conceded that Mr Maguire was "obsessed" with his financial position and that they discussed it in relation to his exit from politics.

"Absolutely, he was obsessed with it. Yeah,'' she said.

Looking back, Ms Berejiklian said she did not believe Mr Maguire had been entirely truthful with her over his financial position.

"Looking back, I'm not sure whether he was truthful about that, if I can be frank. I don't know if anything that.. said to me was truthful,'' she said.

"He raised it with me... I can't confirm that what he told me was truthful. But I did not care about his financial position. That was his business."

Ms Berejiklian is not accused of any misconduct in the inquiry but is being probed about Mr Maguire's activities.

The NSW Premier described Mr Maguire as a close colleague for two decades and a man she "trusted".

"That developed into a close personal relationship," she said.

The inquiry was told she was in a relationship with Mr Maguire for nearly five years from the time of the 2015 election until a few months ago.

"When I was asked to support this inquiry it became apparent to me that I should have absolutely no contact anymore and I ceased all contact,'' she said.

Text messages referred to by the inquiry reveal that Mr Maguire called Ms Berejiklian "Hawkiss", an Armenian term of affection, in texts.

"Hawkiss good news. One of my contacts sold a motel for 5.8 million. I had put her in contact so I should make 5k," Mr Maguire said.

"Congrats!!! Great news!!! Woohoo" she responded.

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