Gladstone is in for mostly fine conditions on New Year's Eve.
Gladstone is in for mostly fine conditions on New Year's Eve. Paul Braven GLA040516WEATHER

Gladstone's weather outlook for New Year's Eve

AS PARTYGOERS start to prepare for Monday's celebrations to welcome in 2019, the good news is they won't have to worry about the weather.

With conditions expected to stay similar to yesterday, the Bureau of Meteorology confirmed a very slight chance of showers along the coast with negligible consequences.

Meteorologist Harry Clark said revellers could expect fine conditions for their evening's plans.

"We'll see mostly sunny conditions with a top of 31, which is close to average temperatures," he said.

"We'll also just have those easterly winds persisting.

"There's fairly fine conditions pretty much from now to the end of the new year period, with a very slight chance of rain."

But for those hanging out for that elusive drop of rain, MrClark said residents shouldn't expect too much for the foreseeable future.

"There's very little change in the weather over the next seven days," he said.

"Most of the significant rainfall will remain confined to far-north Queensland.

"If anything, (rain) will be beyond the end of next week."

It will be a welcome relief for residents who battled wet conditions at last year's events.