OPEN LETTER: The Observer says bring Dundee to Gladstone!

An open letter to Premier of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Screen Australia and Screen Queensland:

OVER the past week, this community has rallied around Gladstone's bid to host a new Crocodile Dundee movie.

And while the idea draws a long bow, it's important to understand that it's probably not as silly as it sounds.

Since the airing of Tourism Australia's Superbowl ad on Monday, residents, businesses, councillors and even emergency services personnel have mobilised to show why Gladstone has everything film-makers need to make Croc 4.

People have put their minds together to pitch Gladstone based on it's amazing scenery, outback country spirit and colourful characters.

Film-maker Luke Graham describes this city as a "cinematographers dream".


Di Paddick, Rebecca Lush, Maria Smith, Mary Whyte, Lyn Lee and Jo Duke from the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery -
Di Paddick, Rebecca Lush, Maria Smith, Mary Whyte, Lyn Lee and Jo Duke from the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery - "We have a lot of locally well known people, but we think a female Dundee would be good - we thought maybe Hayley Marsden and she could sing them into beigng compliant, or Christine from the Observer using the diea that the pen is mightier than the sword, so she won't need a big knife!" Matt Taylor GLA070218VOXP

And let's not forget, our almost bigfoot-like crocodile sightings.

But the campaign has proven that Gladstone holds a special key, yet to be revealed.

This region represents all the qualities that made the original Dundee films great.

Gladstone's campaign has proven our ability to laugh at ourselves, and stitch-up a mate.


Alex Unsworth, the Dock East Shores -
Alex Unsworth, the Dock East Shores - "Jeremy Hastings, the owner of this place, he'd be perfect. Just the mannerisms he's got, he's as Aussie as you can get most of the time." Matt Taylor GLA070218VOXP

Gladstone's campaign has proven the love for our unique land, and the freedoms it affords us.

Gladstone's campaign has proven an unmistakeable mateship and respect for our fellow resident.

But overall, Gladstone's campaign has shown that we represent all of the unique Australian qualities that an iconic movie like the Dundee franchise seeks to show to the rest of the world.

And we think that's a pretty special thing to have.

Why film it here?

Why not?

This letter was printed on page 4 of today's Observer.