Aerial view of Auckland Creek Inlet, Gladstone.
Aerial view of Auckland Creek Inlet, Gladstone. Matt Taylor GLA230519STOCK

Gladstone wakes to record temperatures

RESIDENTS around Central Queensland will have noticed a drop in temperatures as Gladstone and Rockhampton recorded their coldest May morning in four years yesterday.

Gladstone Airport recorded a single digit 9.4 degrees while Rockhampton experienced an even colder 7.5 degrees.

Meteorologist Adam Blazak said the cool temperatures were due to a South-Westerly air mass moving through the area.

"Any time we have a dry atmosphere, those minimum night time temps tend to fall away a little bit,” he said.

"We are expecting another cold burst to push through later this week moving in potentially Friday and Saturday, so (Thursday) might be one or two degrees warmer then on Friday it's similar to today,” he said yesterday.

Residents in Gladstone should also spare a though for those out west in Biloela where temperatures are even colder - getting down to low single figures with potential frost.

Mr Blazak said residents could expect it to "feel cool on the skin” with very dry conditions as a result of very low humidity.

He said there was a chance of a frost in Biloela on Saturday although it was more likely around Wide Bay Burnett and Central highland Coalfields areas.

As for any rain on the horizon, there's no need to go changing any weekend plans.

"At this stage there may be some showers over the water and further south around Wide Bay down to the Sunshine Coast,” Mr Blazak said.

"There might potentially be one light shower move through.”

While the temperatures were a sudden hit to the region, he said the colder temperatures at the end of May weren't a big surprise as it edged closer to winter.