Butcher family first to vote on day

Labor candidate Butcher claims seat of Gladstone

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THERE will be no more waiting for Glenn Butcher.

Mr Butcher has claimed the win, to be called the first Gladstone electorate Labor member of parliament in 20 years.

"It's a clear message from Gladstone locals that they don't want to sell our assets," he said.

He and his supporters are celebrating with at least 80 people with music, champagne and cake flowing.


UPDATE: 10.15PM:

FORMER Premier Peter Beattie says pre-poll usually follows the same voting line as on election day.

"The pre-poll will be consistent with today, which will reinforce the results," he said.

It's still unsure whether Labor will win a majority or have to form a minority government with Katter or independents - both who are against asset sales and expected to side with Labor.

With a swing of 24.9% to the ALP, Glenn Butcher is sitting on 60.9% after preferences, with Craig Butler on 39.1%.



AS Campbell Newman concedes defeat in Ashgrove, Channel 9 is predicting ALP's Glenn Butcher is ahead overall in preferential votes, with 61.6% compared to independent's Craig Butler on 38.4%.

Now 25 of 37 booths have been counted in Gladstone, which is 80.41% of the vote.

ALP Glenn Butcher on 53.20%, Craig Butler independent on 29%, Michael Duggan on 14.26% and Craig Tomsett on 3.54%.



MUM's the word with Craig Butler who is refusing to give any statements until tomorrow, when preferential voting could make a difference.

But those in the Butcher camp seem to be celebrating, Glenn's twin Wayne calling him the "new Gladstone member of parliament".

More than 77% of the votes have been counted, with 20 of 37 seats.

Glenn Butcher has risen to 53.10% while Craig Butler is still sitting under 30% (currently on 29.08%).

LNP's Michael Duggan has 14.33% of the vote while Craig Tomsett has 3.49% for the Greens.



SEVENTEEN of the 37 booths are in, with 56.49% of the votes counted.

Glenn Butcher is sitting on 52.53% of the vote, Craig Butler is on 29.18%, Michael Duggan is on 14.40% and Craig Tomsett is on 3.89%.



MORE than 40% of the votes are counted, and Glenn Butcher has creeped forward slightly with the 51.77% (7,216 votes) for the ALP, while independent Craig Butler has dropped to 30.52% (4,254).

LNP candidate Michael Duggan has 13.99% of the vote, that's 1,950 votes, while Craig Tomsett is on 3.72% with 519 votes.



IT's been an hour since the polls closed with more than 15% of the roll counted.

There were 35,381 people elected to vote.

ALP's Glenn Butcher is flying ahead with 50.86% of the votes.

But independent Craig Butler is hot on his tail with 31.21%.

LNP's Michael Duggan is way behind for a major party candidate, with 14.35% of the votes.

And Greens' Craig Tomsett is holding his own with 3.58% of the votes.



CRAIG Butler also chose to campaign outside Clinton State School around lunchtime.

"I've spent the morning out in the Valley and Boyne and will spend this afternoon in the city covering all," he said.

As for the impending decision, Mr Butler said he won't get nervous until much later.

"Around six-thirty, that's when I'll be anxious," he said.

"But I've done all I can and it's up to the public for their say.

"It's in the lap of the gods now." 

Craig Butler shows how it's done.
Craig Butler shows how it's done. Rosie O'Brien












MICHAEL Duggan and his wife Lauren chose to vote at Clinton State School at 1pm.

There was a steady stream of people and the voting volunteers helped sweeten the mood with handfuls of lollies.

Mr Duggan seemed composed when entering the school.

"I'm not really nervous," he said.

"It's basically all done and now I think of it as a sport."

Mrs Duggan said she was feeling optimistic too.

"I'm not worried for him tonight because he's tried his best and what's done is done," she said. 

Michael Duggan and his wife Lauren vote.
Michael Duggan and his wife Lauren vote. Rosie O'Brien


THERE were only five people at South Gladstone State School but it didn't stop Greens candidate Craig Tomsett and his son Daniel from attending.

"I've been around to 10 different spots and that was all before 10.30," he said.

"It's been a long road campaigning - 20 hour daya sometimes.

"I'm being realistic with the votes, it's about having a choice and getting the numbers that we can so we can get some more support from the party and come back bigger and better." 

Craig Tomsett at the voting booth.
Craig Tomsett at the voting booth. Rosie O'Brien



GLENN Butcher and his family were up early to vote today at Kin Kora State School at 10am on the dot.

Both independent Craig Butler and Greens' Craig Tomsett voted earlier in the week.

But all four candidates are doing the rounds of the polling booths to garner any last minute support.

Mr Butcher was surrounded with his Labor supporters who were making last minute attempts at spruiking as dozens flocked through the doors.

Mr Butcher said he had done all he could for now.

"I'm quietly confident," he said.

"But now we've done everything we can to get the votes and if I thought there was still more to do I'd be doing it."

Glenn Butcher votes.
Glenn Butcher votes. Rosie O'Brien


GLADSTONE residents will go to the polls today to decide who will replace retiring independent Gladstone MP Liz Cunningham.

Not having Mrs Cunningham running means the seat is up for grabs for the first time in 20 years.

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Mrs Cunningham was the first non-Labor MP to hold the seat for more than 60 years when she beat Labor MP Neil Bennett in 1995.

Vying for her spot is Glenn Butcher, ALP, Craig Butler, an independent backed by Mrs Cunningham, Michael Duggan, LNP, and Craig Tomsett, Greens.

Issues focused on during the short election campaign have revolved around the LNP's plans to lease the Port of Gladstone, funding for Gladstone Hospital, retaining land set aside for a high school at Calliope, and securing a great share of Royalties for Regions dollars.

An Observer online poll asking readers who they'd vote for has Mr Butcher in front with 49%, followed by Mr Butler 31%, Mr Duggan 14% and Mr Tomsett 4%.

Polling booths are open from 8am to 6pm.

Polling booth locations are:

  • Ambrose - State school at 39 Gentle Annie Rd.
  • Benaraby - State school at 17 O'Connor Rd.
  • Boyne Island - Mt Larcom Room Community Centre, cnr Wyndham and Hayes Ave.
  • Calliope - State School, Dawson Hwy.
  • Clinton - State school, 224 Harvey Rd.
  • Gladstone - Chanel College, 11 Paterson St
  • Gladstone - PCYC, Yarroon St
  • Gladstone Central - Central State School, 74 Auckland St
  • Gladstone South - State school, 153 Toolooa St.
  • Gladstone Valley - Gladstone Kindergarten, 149 Auckland St
  • Gladstone West - State school, cnr Boles and Breslin Sts
  • Kin Kora - State school, 43 Hibiscus Ave
  • Mount Larcom - State school, Raglan St
  • Seaview - St Peters Anglican Church, 50 J Hickey Ave
  • Tannum Sands - State high school, 65 Coronation Drive
  • Ubobo - State school, 16 Cedarvale Rd
  • Yarwun - state school, 35 Butler St
Glenn Butcher and the friends and family of the ALP party celebrated the win at the Gladstone bowls...