Bechtel celebrates with Gladstone’s biggest parties

THIS festive season Bechtel will host Gladstone's biggest work parties ever, but plenty of local employers are winding back their festivities after a tough year.

And experts are warning both employers and employees to consider the consequences of their actions at end of year celebrations.

Gladstone's single biggest employer, Bechtel, is throwing three parties for its Curtis Island workforce, with three separate functions for more than 2000 people each, according to Bechtel spokesman Mat Ovenden.

"I'd certainly think it would be the biggest ever seen," he said.

Each party will be held at the Harvey Road Tavern, with the QCLNG attendees given the opportunity to donate a $10 party deposit to the Salvation Army.

According to Mr Ovenden, the focus will be on fun rather than formalities.

"I don't think we'll go down the line of doing speeches. We really want this to be an event where we just unwind and the whole idea is to be a relaxed sort of celebration for the end of the year," he said.

Meanwhile Rio Tinto will be holding two sit-down dinners at local venues for its 770 staff, allowing for a shift-change.

Spokesperson Jeremy Hastings said the party would be well-earned for workers and their families.

"We're aware that we've had a tough year, so people ask us why we're having the Christmas party but we feel that in the tough years you really need something to thank the workers who have pulled together this year."

QAL workers meanwhile will be split into their project teams, with each team "doing their own thing".

Boyne Smelters will be holding a family day at Splash Zone for about 885 people.

Boyne is also holding two low-key end-of-year celebrations at Bray Park.

Statewide, employers are being warned to take Christmas party liability issues seriously, with Queensland's Chamber of Commerce and Industry warning too much drinking threatening worse things than just a hangover.

"The organisation of the Christmas party - the timing, the venue and the amount of alcohol being served is something that must be given consideration by management," spokeswoman Susan Stubbings said.


  • Take in plenty of free food to balance the free alcohol
  • Make the most of mingling time, and extend beyond your own department
  • Try to stay professional
  • Plan ahead - don't drink and drive!