QFES photos from Deepwater fire
QFES photos from Deepwater fire QFES

Gladstone thanks heroic emergency workers, volunteers

IT has been trying times for emergency workers and volunteers, deployed locally or from as far as Western Australia to help fight fires ravaging the Gladstone region.

The battle began last week when the troublesome Deepwater blaze ripped its way through communities south of Agnes Water, with fireys, police, paramedics and SES giving their everything to try and keep the blaze under control.


The Baffle Creek fires from above.
The Baffle Creek fires from above. Louis Moore

Resources were already stretched and depleted when a fast-moving, vicious fire tore through Ambrose, evacuating the townships of both Mount Larcom and Yarwun with it.

Although some residents refused to leave their homes, emergency workers were risking their own lives to ensure every last person had evacuated the danger zones.

Fireys have been working 12 hour shifts or longer against the elements to protect Gladstone region residents and their homes.

It was for all these reasons, and more, residents took to the Observer's Facebook page to show their support and gratitude for all of the emergency workers who went out and are still out fighting the fires.

Julie Anne said her list of people to thank was long.


Puppy rescue in Deepwater
Puppy rescue in Deepwater QFES

"My most profound respect goes out to all those personnel who are putting themselves in the danger zone to try and combat these horrendous fires," she said.

Sandy Brett said she wanted to thank everyone "from the bottom of her heart".

"Thank you (to) every one of you, fire fighters, police, volunteers, everyone involved.," she said.

"You put your own lives on the line to save total strangers, their property, and animals."

Alana Lee Lamberton said: "blessings go out to all the fire fighters, and workers who are fighting the fires to help save all the people's homes and I hope good things start to happen in the future to all the people that are suffering and going through hell right now...Sending out hugs to you all in those bad times."

Abby Brumby: Many thanks to all the fire fighters, the volunteers and people from around the community who are assisting anyone who needs help. Bless you, true heroes.

Michael James: Much more than fire fighters. Well done guys, needs to be a lot more Australia Day medals.

Tracey Moore: Thank you so much for everything you are doing to save our community you are amazing. Stay safe!!

Chantelle Amos: Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you for all your hard work.

Karen Elliott: There are not enough words to thank you all. Know that you are appreciated and respected for putting your lives on the line. You are legends.

Nicky Eather: God bless each and every one of you, our thanks and gratitude to you all...the work you do is selfless and heroic.

Samantha Sophios: Thank you to all the local and interstate firefighters and also the other emergency services. You are doing an absolutely amazing job and are the heroes without capes.

Claire Lester: Without volunteers like these guys where would we all be, your dedication to this service is phenomenal, thank you so much, very much appreciated by all I'm sure.

Kerrie King: Heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to all emergency services fighting the fires, no matter where you are and what fire your fighting. We appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

Steve Rizzini: Good work and effort by all the emergency services. You are the backbone of this country. Stay safe guys.