GLADSTONE Phoenix Power had a ripper year in 2013, with the men's side performing as good as they ever have and the women falling admirably short of taking yet another championship in the Queensland Basketball League.

Despite the strong season, the future success of the team is uncertain, with a strong chance that the budget which underpins the running of the team will be reduced.

The good news for Power fans is that president John Owen is confident the team can continue to be a force, and not fall by the wayside because of the constraints.

"I don't really see that we won't be in at this stage," Owen said of the Power's participation in the 2014 QBL.

"I am quite confident about it."

A tough economic year has hit the sponsors of the Power hard, and the local businesses assisting the teams are therefore in a position which sees less sponsorship funds being made available.

Not one of the sponsors on board from this year are leaving the Power in 2014.

"Everyone around town is re-evaluating; it has been a tough year and people are pulling back a bit," Owen said.

"The obvious difficulty that exists is when there is less money there may be less talent (attracted)."

Even with that on the mind of the president, who has been involved for five years, Owen is only looking forward in determining what move to make next.

Always chasing more support in his volunteer arrangement with the club, he is hoping that the idea of fundraising will supplement a portion of what may be lost in sponsorship.

"The biggest issue now is to get a few fundraising events, rather than rely solely on sponsorship," Owen said.

"We get enormous support from local companies but it is hard to get bigger companies involved."

The outlook for the Power may not be all roses, but Power fans can rest easy knowing that with John Owen on board the show will go on.

But Owen is happy for anyone who is interested to lend a hand.

He can be contacted at the Central Queensland Chiropractic Centre.