STUNT BOY: Ryan Andrews-Young in action at the Gladstone Showgrounds
STUNT BOY: Ryan Andrews-Young in action at the Gladstone Showgrounds Greg Bray

Gladstone Show: Gladstone teen's stunts literally on fire

HUNDREDS of spectators will watch in awe from the grandstands tonight as Gladstone's 16-year-old Ryan Andrews-Young rides his motorbike through a wall of fire at the Gladstone Show.

But don't worry it's not his first attempt - Ryan has been forging a successful career as a stuntman since he was just 10-years old.

The daredevil's father, Shawn Young, said his son who suffers from autism has become a key part of the stunt show and often tours across Australia.

Stunt boy: Meet Gladstone's very own dare devil, Ryan Andrews-Young

"He's been riding since he was five-years-old, and he got more and more confidence," Mr Young said.

"When he was 10 we gave him a go and from that start he became a part of our show and he's been riding stunts ever since.

"Now he goes with us wherever we go from Perth to Tasmania, wherever we happen to be performing around the country.

"We get to travel to places you wouldn't usually go to, meet different people and get to amaze them."

While Ryan is a hero in the eyes of many teens, the stuntman says his dad is his biggest inspiration.

"I'd watch him drive through fires on the bonnet of a car and I wanted to do it too," he said.

Mr Young said in the beginning he had some reservations about his son riding through fire.

"You know, children shouldn't play with fire and the power to weight ratio of this bike is unbelievable.

"But he's brave.

"Plus on the night he rides through three flaming boards and there's a lot more pyrotechnics around, it looks pretty spectacular."