GAPDL says no to industry turf wars preferring cooperation

GLADSTONE'S promotional body has come out swinging against Rockhampton's bid to become the resources capital, with a reminder that Gladstone is already well-recognised as a 21st century industrial city of global significance.

It also says Rockhampton needs to get off its pedestal and work together to better the central Queensland region as a whole.

The call comes off the back of Rockhampton's announcement it will hold a major resources expo in a bid to unseat Gladstone as industry capital, with the organisers saying Gladstone has not had the logistical requirements to hold such an event.

Rocky has eyes on unseating Gladstone as industry capital

Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Ltd chief executive Glenn Churchill said Gladstone had changed significantly over the past three years, with many great examples of multi-million dollar developments including the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre, plus a list of nearly $89 billion of developments.

"Even when we start to see a decline in the industry side of things we look for that diversity and that's where were focussing on with the GECC," he said.

"Let's be working hard to improve and get more of what we already have."

He said the Gladstone region couldn't be taken for granted.

"It's obviously something that other regions or other Australian states are envious or maybe even jealous of," he said.

"Our strength for the future will be aligned with strategic partnerships - whilst passion and parochialism is a great trait, we don't participate in turf wars."

But he said Rockhampton could have its industry event - GAPDL has put in a bid to host the National Economic Development Conference in 2014 with plans underway for major events in 2014, including the Business Development Expo and the SGBF Tourism Summit.