The Gladstone Hash House Harriers Running Club.
The Gladstone Hash House Harriers Running Club. Matt Taylor GLA200618HASH

Gladstone running club fuelled by beer

HASH HOUSE Harriers have been described as a drinking club with a running problem.

According to Hasher's Rex Hallyburton and Gavin Hofstetter it's the perfect club for people who like a lot of laughs, a few drinks, food and a little bit of exercise.

"Every Monday night we'll meet at someone's place around six pm," Rex said.

"The host, or 'Hare', marks out a trail with big chalk arrows and the runners, or 'Hounds', follow it.

"We wind up back at the host's house for some nosh and a few drinks."

Gavin said HHH started before World War 2 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"Some officers were bored with sitting around drinking," he said.

"So, they decided to go for a run then have a couple of drinks.

"Hash refers to a mix-up of leftovers, nothing to do with weed."

The unique name of the club is said to have been the nickname of the hall in Kuala Lumpur, 'The Hash House' where the group lived.

Runners are given nicknames by the Head Nun.

"She'll bless you with your Hash name," Rex said.

"We've got Lurking, Sticky, Ding Dong and Chicky Babe.

"Our oldest runner is 87 this year and his Hash name is Junior.

"I have no idea what some runner's real names are."

A few members run hard, but most enjoy a jog or stroll.

"The walkers and runner's trails link up before the end," Rex said.

"You'll see parts of Gladstone you never knew existed."

For more information visit the HHH website or call 0416005126.