Residents reminded to be ready for storms

A NEAR average cyclone season is predicted this year, providing a timely reminder for Gladstone residents to get prepared for the summer storm season.

About 11 tropical cyclones are predicted to occur between November 1 and April 30.

One quarter of these are likely to cross the coast, with the first one most likely in December, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology's seasonal cyclone outlook for 2014-15.

Gladstone Mayor Gail Sellers said the outlook served as a timely reminder to residents to prepare now before the season began.

"A lower-than-average cyclone season is predicted for most parts of Australia, but for the eastern region there's still 42 per cent chance of an above average season, which is higher than other parts of the nation," Cr Sellers said.

"Every cyclone carries the risk of being destructive and potentially more devastating than any other throughout our history.

"Please don't wait until it's too late. There's so much information and resources available to help you prepare."

Cr Sellers said having an emergency plan was an important step to prepare for, survive and cope with emergencies.

The Queensland Government's Get Ready Queensland website has plenty of information, as does the council's website.

"We have a disaster hub which has information, an online mapping system and an emergency action guide to help you," Cr Sellers said.

"There's also road condition reports that are provided by residents for convenience during times of flooding and the Early Warning Network, which generates free SMS or email weather alerts relating to the area in which you are located."


The Australian tropical cyclone season:

  •  Runs from November 1 to April 30
  •  Averages around 11 tropical cyclones
  •  Has an average of four tropical cyclones cross the coast (although coastal impacts can be felt when tropical cyclones remain well offshore)
  •  Has always had at least one tropical cyclone cross the Australian coast each year in recorded history.
  • The eastern region includes the Gladstone region where the outlook is for a near average (42 per cent chance of above average) cyclone season, with the likelihood that three cyclones will cross the coast.

Source: Australian Bureau of Meteorology, 2014-15 Australian Tropical Outlook