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Gladstone Region viewers frustrated over three-day TV service outage

TELEVISION viewers have voiced their frustrations after missing three days' worth of ABC TV programs since the weekend.

On Sunday, ABC viewers at Boyne Island were unable to watch their regularly scheduled shows when the channel unexpectedly stopped working.

According to ABC TV marketing communications manager Imogen Corlette, one of the Broadcast Australia television transmitters in the area suffered a fault that required a replacement to be sourced.

"The service is an infill service for Boyne Island," Ms Corlette stated.

Gladstone Region local Max Whiteley told The Observer he rang ABC on Monday to complain about the problem.

"I missed quite a few of my shows," he said.

"They just told me it had something to do with a fault with the service at the Boyne Island tower."

A resident from Tannum Sands expressed her frustration as well, saying she missed both Media Watch and Q&A last night.

Ms Corlette said the replacement for the faulty service is currently being installed.

"Service resumption is expected this afternoon," she added.

In addition to the Boyne Island service, the ABC has television services that provide coverage to East, West and South Gladstone and a wide-area service for Rockhampton (which covers regional areas around Gladstone as well as Rockhampton itself).

These other services are still operating.