TOURISM BOOM: Cr Chris Trevor says Gladstone should brace for an unprecedented tourism boom
TOURISM BOOM: Cr Chris Trevor says Gladstone should brace for an unprecedented tourism boom Matt Taylor

Gladstone region should brace for tourism tsunami

COUNCILLOR Chris Trevor believes, "there's a tsunami of tourism headed our way."

"We can't, as a community, underestimate the fact that we're on the cusp of the biggest Chinese and Indian tourist arrivals in history," he said.

"The Gladstone region must ready itself for the explosion of tourists arriving in the next five to 10 years."

Cr Trevor was discussing the proposed Hummock Hill development recently and said he personally believes it was projects like this that would ensure Gladstone's future for years to come.

"We're about to experience the greatest tourism boom we're ever going to see," he said.

"Other communities are already a long way ahead of us when it comes to this boom.

Communities like Turkey Beach, Hummock Hill and Agnes Water will benefit immensely.

Cr Trevor said the environment will also be a big winner.

"The current influx of tourists to centres like Cairns is putting pressure on the northern reefs," he said.

"Their reefs are already over-exposed to the sheer weight of tourist numbers, coral bleaching and crown of thorns starfish damage.

"We need to protect those reefs by bringing tourists down here to the southern reefs."

According to Cr Trevor, the proposed Hummock Hill development is perfectly placed to take advantage of tourists wanting to see unspoiled reefs.

"We could have tourists leaving the Hummock Hill marina facility and put them on the Fitzroy Lagoon in under an hour," he said.

"That reef is one of the best on the east coast of Australia and I challenge anyone to argue the case with me."

Cr Trevor says Gladstone must take advantage of the upcoming tourism boom.

"I personally support the Hummock Hill and Great Keppel Island developments," he said.

"I also support direct flights from the Gold Coast to Gladstone.

"Provided developers satisfy any environmental, planning and infrastructure concerns, we have to climb aboard."