A happy Seb Lowry on the winner's podium.
A happy Seb Lowry on the winner's podium. Facebook - 120819 Seb Lowry

Gladstone produces yet another national champ

MARTIAL ARTS: Seb Lowry's claim to be one of the country's best young fighters has risen another notch.

The Chanel College year 10 student won the Australian Junior Jiu Jitsu Championship in Melbourne in the 15 year-old over 73 kg category.

"The final was good and I was up against a strong opponent in Jayden Koh from Caza Noosa Jiu Jitsu," Lowry said.

Isabella Corza-D'Arro, Riley Kapernick, Skye Baker, Kaiden Hoad, Tamara Nixon, Sophie Best, Coach Dom Bognar, Joanne Hoad, Seb Lowry, Hayden Kapernick, Brock Harding, Arick Noll, Connor Browne, Coach Ceanne Innis, Andrew Boon and Coach Jason Hoad. Gladstone Jui Jitsu.
TEAM: Seb Lowry (fifth from left back row) with the Beast team back in 2017. Paul Braven GLA050517JITSU

"Jayden and I have competed against each other on multiple occasions through various competitions in Queensland.

"It was a good fight and I was excited to get the win in the Australian Championship."

The format was heats and then a final and to qualify Lowry had to win his heats.

He said it was a combination of nerves and excitement once he realised he had made the final.

Seb Lowry with his medal
Seb Lowry with his medal Nick Kossatch GLA130819SEB

Lowry said his confidence grew the longer the final went against Koh.

"As the fight progressed I knew I was ahead on points and I tried to maintain dominate positions at all times to keep the lead," Lowry said.

"Once the buzzer went off and I looked up at the score board, that's when I knew for sure I had won."

What was the age category/division in which you competed in?

Lowry's win caps off magnificent year after he won the Queensland championship in NoGi in June.

So how much training does Lowry do each day? "I train six to seven days a week with a minimum of two hours a day," he said.

"My training includes training at Beast, training at my home gym which includes weight training and Jui Jitsu drilling in my gym on my own or with friends."

Beast Martial Arts Fitness Academy head coach Jason Hoad has had a massive influence on Lowry's development.

"I have been training with Jason Hoad at Beast since he opened the academy," Lowry said. "Jason has taught me the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and my passion has grown over the years thanks to Jason's guidance."

Lowry's is proud grandmother Gayle McCarthy said he deserved his win.

Seb Lowry with his medal
Seb Lowry with his medal Nick Kossatch GLA130819SEB

"He's just so dedicated and his coach Jason Hoad at Beast Martial Arts Fitness Academy said look out for this kid," she said.

Hours and hours of training under Hoad had Lowry best prepared as could be for Melbourne.

"He practices every afternoon," McCarthy said.

Lowry is not your typical teenager who like to try out different sports and some who get up to mischief.

"He never gets into any strife and he's just really humble," McCarthy said.

"He's just very confident and very quiet and he just loves his sport."

Lowry said he had more competitions to prepare for.

"The next two big competitions are Pan Pacific IBJJF Championship and Grappling Industries where I will be competing up in adults class," he said.

"I'd like to thank Darren Dillon and Jeremy Skinner for helping me on Sunday."