Gladstone Ports Corporation CEO passes the baton

TWENTY-one years is a long time for anyone to stay in the same job.

Some people seem to cope with the constant change that comes with a lengthy stint in one position, while others find it's virtually impossible.

One person who has managed many years in his role well is retiring Gladstone Ports Corporation CEO Leo Zussino, who spent his last day at the helm of that huge corporation on Friday

Sure, he'll be back in the office on Monday, but in a transition role to ease new CEO Craig Brody into his new job.

Mr Zussino has been the kind of person that some people like and admire, while others have a different view.

Whichever way you look at it, the man will leave a massive legacy which is a vibrant, expanding port facility which will ensure this city's economy is stable for a vast number of years to come.

There will be people who will herald his departure; others will be sad to see him go.

But we will all be able to remember what he has achieved for our city.