Gladstone mayor Matt Burnett says most of the people he's talked to about daylight saving are against it.
Gladstone mayor Matt Burnett says most of the people he's talked to about daylight saving are against it. The Observer

Why Gladstone opposes daylight saving

MAYORS across Queensland appear just as divided on daylight saving as the rest of us.

Gladstone Regional Council Mayor Matt Burnett said he was "neither here nor there" on adopting daylight saving, but believes the region's people were largely against it.

"Most people I speak to don't support it," Cr Burnett said.

"There's very few people that have said to me, 'yes, we should really have daylight savings'.

"But I'm neither here nor there, it doesn't phase me either way."

Cr Burnett said daylight saving appeared to work well for NSW and Victoria, but Queensland had its own factors to consider.


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"I've heard concerns about agricultural issues it could cause, as well as problems with kids going to school in the dark and to bed when it's still hot and still daylight," he said.

"I'm not on the bandwagon for it, but I'm certainly not on the bandwagon against it, because it's not a local government issue for me to worry about."

Mayors of Mackay, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan and Moreton Bay are calling for a referendum vote, along with the Brisbane and Townsville deputy mayors.

But according to The Courier-Mail, Toowoomba, Cairns, Charters Towers and Sunshine Coast mayors opposed the move.

Those in support of daylight saving have cited the confusion for business having to deal with two time zones, along with the tourism benefits of having more daylight later in the day.

But in a 1992 referendum, Queenslanders voted against the move following a three-year trial in which clocks were wound forward for six months from October each year.

More recent surveys by Queensland's peak business body, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, found three in five businesses supported daylight saving as long as it was statewide.