Corey John Carney-Auckram pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court
Corey John Carney-Auckram pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court Pexels

Gladstone man threatens to take family as hostages

A GLADSTONE man who threatened to take his girlfriend and family as hostages in a violent rampage has been released from jail.

Corey John Carney-Auckram, 29, appeared in Gladstone Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to one count each of contravening a domestic violence order and obstructing police.

The court heard on September 4 police received several triple zero calls about a disturbance at a Kirkwood residence.

Police arrived at the house and spoke to the man's stepfather who said Carney-Auckram left the property with his partner, the aggrieved.

He told police he was worried as Carney-Auckram was drunk and abusive.

The court heard prior to him leaving there was an argument involving the aggrieved, stepfather and Carney-Auckram's sister.

The court heard his sister became fed up with her brother's abuse towards the aggrieved and dropped him off at the police station.

When she returned home, Carney-Auckram was already there.

He locked everyone inside and told them if the police were called he would take them all as hostages.

The court heard he was holding a screwdriver at the time and threatened to hurt the aggrieved and his stepfather.

Later, Carney-Auckram left with the aggrieved.

The court heard police saw him banging on the windows of the car and when he saw police he began screaming.

The court was told the man Carney-Auckram threatened to stab her and said "f*** you dog, I'll kill you.”

Police later located the man at Beecher, where he tried to run away from officers.

He got 250m down the road when he tripped, allowing officers to catch up and arrest him.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito said his client had been drinking alcohol at the time and was "quite embarrassed” about the offending.

Carney-Auckram spent 45 days behind bars for the offence.

Magistrate Neil Lavaring said the offending caused a "serious situation”.

Mr Lavaring took time already served into account and sentenced the man to 45 days' imprisonment.

Carney-Auckram was released immediately with a conviction recorded.