Libby Cattermole with Alice Cooper.
Libby Cattermole with Alice Cooper.

Gladstone locals and famous people they've met

FIVE seconds of fame doesn't always come easily, but you've impressed us Gladstone.

You've rubbed shoulders with some of the top Australian and international celebrities in music, television, comedy and sport.

Observer Facebook likers posted photos to The Observer Facebook page when we asked you to share a photo of you with someone famous.

Craig Lowndes and Johnathan Thurston were two favourite sporting heroes that several of you mentioned, along with the former Argentinean footballer Diego Maradona and swimmer Michael Klim.

Jacqui Craig said Lowndes was the "most genuine guy", while Ang Bannerman got to meet him at the Autobarn Rockhampton grand opening.

Michael Klim was at the FILEX Fitness Expo in Melbourne this year, where Stacy Ann Berry got to meet him along with personal trainer Shannan Ponton from The Biggest Loser.


Comedians Carl Barron, one half of the Umbilical Brothers' Shane Dundas, and Paul McDermott were also favourites.

Shannon Noll, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Hanson, Paramore and the Hilltop Hoods were at the top of your charts in the list of famous musicians you've met.

Libby Cattermole shared photos of some big names in rock - Alice Cooper and Keith Richards.

Briony Beales believes she got to meet "the greatest band in the world", Thirty Seconds to Mars made up of Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milièeviæ, and she was also lucky to meet "the gorgeous" Paul McDermott on a separate occasion.

Kate Larson cosied in for a photo with Australian screen star Peter Phelps, while Wendy Roscoe met Libby Tanner and Brian Vriends at their home.

Peggy Sowden caught up with reality television stars Tara Dennis and Jason Hodges from the DIY show Better Homes and Gardens.