Past year has seen a gradual workforce whittle-down

WHEN was the last time you heard good news about jobs in Gladstone?

While the 10,500 workers on Curtis Island deliver plenty of "wow", it's a different story with the rest of Gladstone's big industry.

The past 12 months has seen a gradual workforce whittle-down, and the iconic Gladstone Power Station is the latest to admit the worst is yet to come.

QAL, Rio Tinto and now NRG have all been down sizing, as cost pressures go in the opposite direction.

Plenty of workers have left these big employers to cash in with the LNG boom.

Many will find there's no job to go back to when Bechtel steps up shedding of its workers beyond the current employment peak.

And question marks over big projects like Arrow and Boulder Steel aren't helping confidence.

What's worse, is the whispers - why won't NRG reveal just how many jobs are on the chopping block?

While a $120 drop in weekly rent in Gladstone is welcome news for many locals, our families can't afford a hike in the region's jobless rate.