THE WRITE STUFF: Author DL Gallie with her published novels
THE WRITE STUFF: Author DL Gallie with her published novels Mike Richards GLA170818AUTH

Gladstone indie author completes eighth novel in two years

INDIE novelist Dana Gallie likes writing, and possibly the odd drink.

"Ernest Hemingway said authors should write drunk then edit sober," she said.

Ms Gallie may not write drunk, but she is certainly disciplined, having recently completed her eighth novel, 'Antecedent' in less than three years.

"It's been two years since I released my first novel, 'Malt Me'," she said.

"It's now part of a four book series which is available in a box set called the Liquor Cabinet Series.

"But I've also written two novella's and one standalone title."

Sticking to the alcohol theme, she describes her writing as "romance stories with a shot of suspense and a dash of comedy."

Ms Gallie adds that she has always been an avid reader and never aspired to be an author.

"My husband suggested I write a book," she said.

"Then one day I had a flash of inspiration.

It took nine months to write the first book, but I've got it down to three months now.

Ms Gallie said from the outset that she treated her writing as a business.

"I write Monday to Fridays from nine until two while the kids are at school.

"Somedays are harder than others, sometimes you stare at the computer for hours and have nothing."

Her efforts have paid off.

"I sell my e-books exclusively on Amazon and to date I've sold over 5,000 copies," Ms Gallie said.

"On Kindle Unlimited I've had 19,000 page reads and nearly 500 paperback sales.

"It was the best feeling holding that first royalty cheque.

"Plus each time the delivery man delivers my books, it's a pretty awesome feeling."

The one part of the writing process Ms Gallie doesn't enjoy is editing.

"I can read a manuscript up to twenty times in order to get it right," she said.

"By time it's ready, I'm over it, I'm looking forward to starting the next story.

"As Hemingway said, 'The first draft of everything is s**t.'"

Her novels can be found on Amazon or by contacting her at Author DL Gallie on Facebook.