EVO Portables attacked with hoses and flour.
EVO Portables attacked with hoses and flour.

Gladstone Harbour Festival winners' list

THERE were plenty of winners at the Gladstone Harbour Festival. Here's a rundown of some of them.

Talent Quest winners:


3rd Prize winner - Delaney Burke, 2nd Prize Winner - Jacinta Bradley, 1st Prize Winner - Skye Montanta.


Audience Appeal Winner - Jed Ware, 3rd prize winner - Sarah Thompson, 2nd prize winner - Hayley Streeter, 1st prize winner - Sarah Levings.

Harbour Festival Lanterns & Lights Street Parade winners:

1st - Clinton State School ($600)

2nd - FACIO ($400)

3rd - Harbour City BMX ($300)

Encouragement Award - Stepping Stones Childcare ($200)

NRG Great Raft Race winners:

Pride of the NRG ($1,500) - WALZ

2nd Best Creative Raft ($1,000) - Boyne Smelter Limited

3rd Best Creative Raft ($750) - Evo Portables

Best Backyard (privateer) Raft ($500) - Clinton State School

Best Dressed Team ($500) - Clinton State School

Most Entertaining Team ($500) - NRG

Best Juvenile Entry ($500) - Dolphin Sea Scouts

Endurance Award ($400) - The Observer

Titanic Award ($400) - Dolphin Sea Scouts

Perpetual Trophy (overall best) - WALZ

Line Honours ($50) - Boyne Smelter Limited

Media Trophy - The Observer