FARMER PARMA'S: Michelle Weir at the Raglan Tavern.
FARMER PARMA'S: Michelle Weir at the Raglan Tavern. Greg Bray

Gladstone gets behind Raglan pub's Parma for a Farmer push

WITH less than a week to go on their Parma for a Farmer fund-raiser, Raglan Tavern publican Michelle Weir has been delighted with how much money the campaign has raised so far.

"It's been amazing," she said.

"We've sold 252 parmas which is a lot more than we expected."

For each parma sold, the Raglan Tavern is donating $10 to the Buy a Bale charity.

"We've raised over $2,500 from the meals alone," Mrs Weir said.

"Plus people have been putting money into the donation tin on the bar too."

Mrs Weir said people from all over the region had made a special trip to Raglan in order to chip in.

"We've had a lot of visitors from Gladstone, Rockhampton and Yeppoon," she said.

"We've also learned to push the parma's to tourists who drop in on their way through the region.

"We're getting really good at it."

The South Gladstone and South Rockhampton Rotary clubs made a significant contribution.

"There was 32 of them arrive one night and they all ordered parma's," Mrs Weir said.

"Then they passed the hat around and raised another $300 which was just awesome."

The Raglan Tavern's Parma for a Farmer fund-raiser will continue until 30 September.