Gladstone Fish Market is here to stay.
Gladstone Fish Market is here to stay. Christopher Chan

Gladstone Fish Market stays open as sister business closes

GLADSTONE Fish Market will remain open for business despite owner Simon Whittingham announcing the closure of its sister business in Hervey Bay last week.

He said the failings of Hervey Bay Fisheries, which operated under different owners for more than 30 years, had been amplified once the situation in Gladstone flatlined.

"Gladstone outweighed the impact though because we're eight times bigger up here," he said.

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Although he has downsized his Gladstone warehouse to include three separate tenants in the same space it previously inhabited, he said the Gladstone operation was now "a profitable business".

The Hervey Bay closure will leave up to 35 people without jobs, while the building will be auctioned off. The closure will also mean one less competitor for the commercial fishing businesses.

Mr Whittingham said negative pressure caused by the Port of Gladstone development had impacted the operation, which he had owned for the past six years.

"It is a direct link to Gladstone but I don't know what part of my decision-making could have made it stay buoyant," he said.

"I thought it was far enough away to not feel the impact."

He said the recent Christmas holiday period at Gladstone Fish Market had had a great result, with a positive trend on the previous year.

"Just because I won't take it out of the harbour doesn't mean I'm not local - I am open for business," he said.