Paul and Peter Domorev at the exhibition launch.
Paul and Peter Domorev at the exhibition launch. Matt Taylor GLA161217ART

Gladstone exhibition links with Gallery of Modern Art

GLADSTONE Regional Art Gallery launched its latest exhibition in conjunction with Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art on Friday night, with the opening of A World View: The Tim Fairfax Gift.

Displaying a selection of works donated to QAGOMA by philanthropist Tim Fairfax, the exhibition aims to bring international work to the state's regions as part of QAGOMA's regional mission.

QAGOMA director Chris Saines said it was important to reach out and exhibit its works to wider Queensland.


"This is the first occasion that we've presented the exhibition since the major exhibition closed as part of our 10th anniversary for GOMA, and so Gladstone is our first stop," Mr Saines said.

"These are works that are among the best of our contemporary international works, so we're very keen to share them with regional Queensland.

"Servicing regional Queensland is a big part of the gallery's mission, and is in fact a part of the Queensland Art Gallery act."

The exhibition is a selection of QAGOMA's full collection, including sculpture, photography, video work and a three- metre tapestry.

Mr Saines is hoping to see the exhibition attract young people, as well as families; an audience he believes has a significantly growing interest in the arts.

"Young people for us are an enormous area of growth, with a very large proportion of our visitors 15 or under, so young people are engaged with the gallery," he said.

"The gallery places tremendous importance on developing an interest in art on the part of young people.

"They are the people we hope will return to the gallery and make gallery- going something they do for a lifetime."

Gladstone Regional Art Gallery curator Jo Duke, said it was a big coup for Gladstone to be included with the likes of The Gold Coast, Townsville and Toowoomba, in hosting the exhibition.

The exhibition runs until February 24.