Red tape debate: Electronics repairer moves with times

RED tape debate - how much paperwork is too much? We talk to Gladstone business owners to find out:

GLADSTONE Electronic Services was once a shop with a number of staff, but now the small business is run solely by owner Greg Marbach from the back of his van.

He repairs up to 150 TVs and video players each week.


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"Because Chinese products have become too cheap it is not viable to repair them anymore," he said.

"Now I install and set-up TV antennas and satellite stuff."

Being the only person in the business means he is in charge of the labour, accounting and marketing.

"Once a quarter, I have to do a business activity statement where I pay tax on all of my income," he said.

He also has to work out how much GST he paid on all of his expenses and take that off his income before he lodges his BAS.

"I also have to have insurance of course. I think I have $2 million in liabilities but it was a lot worse when I was doing electrics."

Despite having to do everything himself, he said it was not as stressful as having employees.