Gladstone's fuel price averaged 147.5 cents per litre in December.
Gladstone's fuel price averaged 147.5 cents per litre in December.

Gladstone petrol prices were slightly lower in December

GLADSTONE motorists paid an average of 147.5 cents per litre for petrol in December, the RACQ's latest monthly fuel report shows.

The price included a retail margin of 12.5 cents per litre. 

Although most regional centres were more expensive in December than Brisbane, many saw their prices drop compared to November 2012.

The average diesel price in Gladstone was 151.9.

Warwick motorists experienced some budget relief last month, buying the cheapest unleaded petrol on offer in Queensland.

The fuel report revealed unleaded petrol was sold in Warwick for 139.4 during December, the lowest price across the state and 2.2 cents per litre cheaper than Brisbane.

Ipswich was the second cheapest place to buy, at an average of 140.5.

RACQ executive manager public policy Michael Roth said unleaded petrol (ULP) in Warwick had been 5.4 cents per litre less than the November average of 144.8.

"Warwick and Ipswich were the only regional centres to sell cheaper ULP than Brisbane, although most centres benefitted from a price drop in December," Mr Roth said.

The average ULP price in Brisbane was 141.6, only 0.2 cents per litre more than in November, despite strong retail margins which reached a high of 15.7 cents per litre on December 7.

ULP prices in Brisbane were 2.7 cents per litre higher than Sydney and Adelaide, 2.4 cents per litre higher than Melbourne and 1.9 cents per litre higher than Perth.

"The price of oil is likely to increase in January as demand for fuel globally is expected to remain stable or possibly strengthen," Mr Roth said.

"This may push up the average retail price in Brisbane, which would be followed by a price increase in the regions."

"To reduce your fuel bill, check RACQ's website for information on where to buy the cheapest fuel before you fill up."