Gladstone council budget: At a glance

GLADSTONE Regional Council 2015-16 budget at a glance:

Total budget: $262.6 million

Water and sewerage: $70.9 million

Roads and drainage: $78.4 million

Parks and open space: $29.6 million

Waste: $15.9 million

Arts and culture: $10.6 million

Community wellbeing: $14.8 million

Other: (loan payments, administration, IT, planning and fleet): $42.4 million

Big ticket items:

  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction of Chapman Dr, Clinton: $3.46m
  • Repair of Gladstone Marina bridge: $1.42m
  • Water and sewerage asset replacements, including Miriam Vale and Boyne Island wastewater treatment plants: $12.04m
  • Alf Larson/Lions Park redevelopment at Miriam Vale: $3.8m
  • Calliope Sports (Liz Cunningham) Park development: $1.5m
  • Developing Stage 1a of the Philip St Communities Precinct in Gladstone: $5.3m
  • Gravel resheet of various rural roads: $2.5m


  • 46% of residential property owners will received a rate reduction
  • 25% of residential property owners will receive a rate increase of 5%
  • Balance of ratepayers will received increases of 5-10%, capped at 10%

Garbage collection charge:

  • Increases $8 per annum to $290.

Water access charge:

  • Up $60pa for Lake Awoonga scheme
  • Up $33pa for Miriam Vale/Bororen scheme
  • Up $22pa for Agnes Water/Seventeen Seventy scheme.

Water consumption charge:

  • No change.


Compared to the 2014-15 budget, expenditure measures represent a saving of $4.2m and a reduction of 3.08% in operational costs.

Loan repayments:

Will total $19.23m, reducing the council's outstanding loans by $9.98m to $158.1m out of its total asset base of $2.3billion.


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