Gladstone companies take share of $1m in contracts

SEVEN Gladstone businesses scored tenders for work with the Gladstone Regional Council, giving a welcomed boost to their workforce.

As part of the council's local preference policy, Preferred Supplier Arrangements were entered into with businesses from Gladstone, Yarwun, Miriam Vale and Round Hill for the supply and delivery of office stationery, ready-mix concrete and road making materials.

Gladstone city council building August 19, 2015. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer
Gladstone city council building August 19, 2015. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer Mike Richards GLA190815COUN

"Submissions for three tenders were presented to Council today and I'm pleased to report that the seven successful tenderers were all local suppliers," Gladstone mayor Matt Burnett said.

Cr Burnett said Council's Local Preference Policy was adopted last June in order to "help local suppliers compete with tenders or quotes supplied by their counterparts from outside the region."

"Last month we awarded contracts with a total worth of more than $1 million to local businesses.

"Those contract awards combined with today's Preferred Supplier Arrangements demonstrate that Council is serious about boosting local business and employment," he said.

Finance and Corporate Governance Committee Chair Cr Rick Hansen said Council's new policy gave preference to local suppliers when their offer was comparable to non-local suppliers' offers.

"It also provides acceptable parameters to give preference to a local supplier when a non-local supplier's offer receives a higher assessment score in the tender process."

Cr Hansen added that, as part of the policy, factors that give local suppliers an edge, such as readily available supplies and servicing support, are considered in the tender selection process.

"We want to support our region's economy and our Local Preference Policy is already going a long way towards that," he said.