One Nation candidate for Gladstone Kevin Jorgensen. Picture: Rodney Stevens
One Nation candidate for Gladstone Kevin Jorgensen. Picture: Rodney Stevens

Gladstone candidate reveals One Nation policies

ONE Nation candidate for Gladstone Kevin Jorgensen has revealed some of the party’s policies in the lead up to the October 31 State Election with some strong reforms promised if he is elected.

Mr Jorgensen was the first of the three current candidates to kick off his campaign, hitting the hustings more than six weeks ago, meeting and chatting to constituents.

He has been talking to people on the side of the Dawson Highway near Bunnings Gladstone, providing an opportunity for the public to voice their concerns and hear his visions.

Mr Jorgensen said One Nation had strong policies for the future of Queensland on law and order, education, youth justice and the right to life of unborn children.

One Nation Candidate for Gladstone Kevin Jorgensen.
One Nation Candidate for Gladstone Kevin Jorgensen.

He said the party’s policy on law and order would see more prisons built and extend the capacity of the state’s current 14 prisons.

“One Nation will better resource Queensland’s 131 magistrates courts and increase magistrate numbers,” he said.

“We will commit to building additional drug rehabilitation centres with the proceeds of drug crimes.

“One Nation will legislate a Queensland sex offenders public register and website.

“Crime continues to escalate throughout Queensland with a staggering 90 per cent rise in robbery offences since Labor took office in 2015.

“Over the past 10 years, drug crimes have recorded a massive 103 per cent spike and remain a scourge in every corner of our state.”

Mr Jorgensen said education was critical to the future of Queensland and our children were our future.

“Teachers hold the ability to change the course of a child’s life; to build self-esteem and confidence and enable them to cope academically, while preparing them to confidently face the challenges of adult life,” he said.

“One Nation will prioritise the development of comprehension, reading, writing, science and mathematical skills.

“We will ensure the learn-to-read programs are based on the explicit teaching of phonics.

“One Nation plan to re-institute the necessary skills for teachers to enable the successful implementation of these programs.

“We will demand entry requirements for teaching university degrees to be substantially increased to reflect the top 30 per cent of the adult population.”

Mr Jorgensen said the One Nation party realised the fact that a human being’s life begins in the womb.

He said the party was horrified when the Queensland government passed the Termination of Pregnancy Act in 2018.

To address this, One Nation has eight strategies; reducing the gestational limit for abortions, banning sex selective abortion, implementing counselling and other safeguards, medical care for babies born alive during an abortion, anaesthetised abortion, restoring doctors rights, ban organ harvesting and improving data reporting.

Passers-by could have been mistaken that Pauline Hanson was in Gladstone recently - it was cardboard cut-out. Picture: Rodney Stevens
Passers-by could have been mistaken that Pauline Hanson was in Gladstone recently - it was cardboard cut-out. Picture: Rodney Stevens

One Nation had a 10-point plan, Mr Jorgensen said, to address youth crime throughout Queensland.

“Annual summary statistics released by Queensland Youth Justice reveal a 25 per cent increase in the average daily detention of young people,” he said.

“Public records reveal 1526 detention centre admissions were made during 2018-2019.

“37 per cent of youth are first-ever admissions to detention, while 63 per cent had served prior time.”

The 10 point plan involves:

1. Alternative sentencing options – Remote Work Stations, Youth Camps, Cadetships, and Local Support Hubs

2. Abolish the Supervised Community Accommodation Program – Queensland’s Bail House program has failed to meet the safety needs of the community.

3. Greater Collaboration between Departments and Programs – The Department of Communities must support the work of the Queensland Police Force and the Department of Attorney-General.

4. Ankle monitoring – Young offenders across key crime hot spots will be monitored through the use of ankle bracelets if released on bail.

5. Child and youth liaison services – Increase youth liaison officers in crucial crime regions to provide greater contact between support and counselling services.

6. Support for victims of crime – No victim should be left without the support of 24-hour counselling.

7. Remove distractions – Remove unnecessary distractions from detainees, including mobile phones, gaming consoles, and television.

8. Partner programs – Encourage at-risk youth to attend partner programs including the PCYC and Youth Hub Centres and the creation of a Youth Risk Register.

9. Accountability – The Department of Child Safety must conduct a home assessment before a

youth offender can return home following the completion of their sentence.

10. Change the bail act – Refuse bail to youth facing a sentence of 2 years or more.

To contact Mr Jorgensen to find out more information, visit his website.

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