Site of the Boulder Steel project near Mt Larcom.
Site of the Boulder Steel project near Mt Larcom.

Response to Boulder Steel rescue plan generally positive

WHILE there's been mixed reaction online to the rescue plan for Boulder Steel, most of the community seem to be in favour of a community-backed project.

Meanwhile, the GAPDL has clarified its position, saying that by "backing" the rescue group, it supported the plan in principle.

Boulder Steel rescue group co-ordinator Paul Sundstrom said the initial response had been positive.

"It's great to see some open-minded people because if we don't try this we'll never know," he said.

GAPDL chief executive Glenn Churchill said GAPDL was yet to be fully briefed to make an informed decision.

"We are supportive of the concept - and that is GAPDL's core business: to encourage investment, growth and development," he said.

Mr Sundstrom agreed. "I didn't mean to inadvertently imply that the GAPDL was formally committed in a commercial manner," he said.

"The GAPDL are supportive of the concept. I'm hoping we can work together to get a positive outcome."