IT’S LAW: It is illegal not to give way to a bus if it bears the sign, ‘Give Way To Buses’.
IT’S LAW: It is illegal not to give way to a bus if it bears the sign, ‘Give Way To Buses’. John Mccutcheon

ROAD RULES: Do I need to give way to the bus?

GIVING way to buses is not just a courtesy, it's the law.

Police have dispelled the myths surrounding the act of giving way to school and public buses for this week's Road Rule Rumours column.

And officers can in fact book drivers for failing to let a bus take off first from the side of the road.

Under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management - Road Rules) Regulation 2009, a driver in a built-up area where the speed limit is 70kmh or less, must give way to a bus that displays a "Give Way To Buses" sign when the bus is entering traffic from the left side of the road with an indicator on.

Giving way to buses entering traffic is one rule that many drivers may not be aware of or are under the mistaken belief that it is just driver courtesy to give way to a bus entering traffic.

If the bus does not display the "Give Way To Buses Sign" then there is no legal requirement for a driver to give way to the bus while it enters traffic.

"It's not just courtesy, it's a road rule," Acting Sergeant Mark Johnston said.

"Drivers should be aware that by law, drivers must give way to a bus as it is attempting to enter traffic and that they may be fined if they fail to do so."

The fine for failing to give way to a bus is $204 and three demerit points.

The rule only applies when a bus is entering traffic, not when a bus driver is attempting to change lanes.

"To assist with giving way to buses, bus drivers should indicate for least five seconds before attempting to enter traffic while other drivers should be scanning the road ahead to identify a bus that may need to re-enter traffic.

"Drivers can assist with adjusting their speed to allow a safe gap in traffic for the bus to re-enter traffic."

Acting Sgt Johnston said one of the worst areas on the Coast for the offence was Nicklin Way.

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