VITAL: Glenn Butcher says funding is needed for services including Gladstone Hospital.
VITAL: Glenn Butcher says funding is needed for services including Gladstone Hospital. Christopher Chan GLA300512HOSP

Give us funding for health and education: MP

MORE funding for education and health.

Those are the issues most important to Gladstone MP Glenn Butcher as he called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to give us a fair go.

"Health and education are vital services and those are my priorities,” Mr Butcher said.

"The Federal Government knows we need money but it's been taken away.

"It's important the money is given back to the State so we can continue to provide those services, especially the Gladstone Hospital.”

Mr Butcher said funding for the Gladstone Port Access Road was another of his key concerns.

"We had the funding for the Port Access Road and it was taken away,” he said.

Mr Butcher said the road was an essential piece of infrastructure that would provide future diversification of the port, while safely removing heavy vehicles that use the port from our local streets.

"The funding needs to be reinstated.”

The MP recently started a project called 'Butcher's Paper', where he called on residents to voice what they'd like to see improved in the region.

One suggestion was to paint the silos at Gladstone Port to make the harbour more appealing to arriving cruise passengers, while another was to establish a nursery at the hospital for babies in need of special care.

Another requested companies be provided with incentives to employ local workers and to live in Gladstone, to limit fly-in, fly-out workers.

Like Mr Butcher, many respondents to his novel approach expressed a need for more services at Gladstone Hospital.

"I'd like better cancer treatment or specialists that can deal with it here, and more jobs,” one suggestion read.

"We need some qualified staff at Gladstone Hospital so we do not have to travel to Rockhampton and Brisbane for treatment, such as a cast on broken bones,” said another.