Pack your patience this Christmas on the roads.
Pack your patience this Christmas on the roads. Trevor Veale

Give the gift of time on the road this Christmas

Festive cheer and Christmas preparations are in full swing but for many this time of year is an aching reminder of a loved one lost in the most senseless of ways.

In the past 10 years, 71 people died in crashes on Queensland roads during the Christmas reporting period alone.

Shockingly, 10 of these were just last year.

For their families and friends, Christmas is now and forever a time of terrible sadness and grief.

Why is the Christmas period so dangerous? We know often people are driving long hours on unfamiliar roads and putting pressure on themselves to get there within tight time frames. They're forgetting to take the Fatal Five - speed, drug and drink-driving, fatigue, seatbelts and distraction - seriously, perhaps thinking it won't happen to them or, just this once, it'll be fine.

If there's one gift drivers give themselves this Christmas, please make it the gift of time. Give yourself plenty of it, plan the journey, make time for rest stops and make time for extra traffic. Make time now, so you have time later to celebrate this year, next year and many more years to come.

Our message to drivers is simple, remember the catchy jingle and sing: "Since we've all got places to go, take it slow, take it slow, take it slow.”