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Gilly's golden live TV stitch-up

ADAM Gilchrist is a simple man: if he sees a golden opportunity to stitch up Australia, he'll take it.

The former Aussie wicketkeeper was filmed drawing in viewers to a "training apparatuses" on the ground before play, only to have them view his fingers made into a circle.

The circle gesture is part of a game which has you trick someone into looking at your finger "circle" to earn you the right of punching them in the arm.

Childish? Yes. Hilarious? Also yes.

The finger circle game was made famous by the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle and has since made a reappearance in popular culture. And Gilly's cheeky video isn't the only one in Aussie sport in recent times.

Richmond star Jack Riewoldt went viral after posing with the hand sign in the Tigers' iconic 2017 AFL premiership photo.