Hilltop Hoods perform at Marley Brown Oval in Gladstone.
Hilltop Hoods perform at Marley Brown Oval in Gladstone.

Hilltop Hoods gig draws fury and praise

THE neighbourhood was alive with the sound of hip-hop on Sunday, but the next day social media discussion was ablaze with mixed opinions about the disturbance.

The Hilltop Hoods' concert at Marley Brown on Sunday night was hailed a success, but ignited spot fires on The Observer website.

Residents fumed over the gig that had finished at 8.10pm.

"What an appalling blatant display of disregard for residents was this horrific noise pollution which we were subjected to (Sunday) afternoon and last night!" Progressagain from Clinton posted.

"I would not be surprised if the whole of Gladstone could hear the non-stop screeching and foul mouthed so called... performers spewing out brainless rubbish at top decibels."



BoomNkaboom from Boyne Island questioned why it was held at Marley Brown at all.

"How did Harvey Road Tavern get away with being able to carry on with all that racket last night? Why were they permitted to have it on our Marley Brown Oval instead of on their own premises?" BoomNkaboom wrote.

"Who on Earth gave permission for this onslaught on public ears and on a Sunday?"

What did you think about the Hilltop Hoods gig?

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It was a great thing for Gladstone, and there should be more of it


It didn't bother me at all


It should have been held at a different venue


I didn't appreciate it booming across town


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But, also on social media, people jumped to support the tavern for bringing the hip-hop act to town.

Kelly Abell posted on Facebook: "Think it was a great choice of venue.

"People should be glad a big named group actually came to play in this town, and being they have played here and got a good response, might of paved the way for other big named acts!"

Bonita Bates wrote: "I'm just up the hill from HRT. Out by the pool the wind carried the sound clearly and perfectly. Free live music. I thought it was great!"

Anthony Siphios wrote: "Everyone complains when no groups, bands or acts come to town. Then someone promotes and brings events into the town, and everyone whinges about it."

The Harvey Road Tavern chose not to comment on the matter.