Paranormal investigators probe 'haunted' historic inn

PARANORMAL investigator Darren Davies hopes triggers from the past will bring some spirits into the future.

The Brisbane-based investigator will visit Drayton's Royal Bulls Head Inn to determine, once-and-for-all, whether the historic property is haunted.

Using full-spectrum, high-quality electrical equipment and recording devices as well as historical artefacts, Mr Davies will conduct an over-night investigation.

The building was erected in 1859. Until 1879 it housed the Royal Bull's Head Inn. From 1879 until the late 1890s it was used as a private residence, named
The Royal Bulls Head Inn was built in 1859. This was taken in 1932. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

Mr Davies has also thoroughly researched the inn's history in preparation.

"We have uncovered a lot," he said.

"And not all of it is nice.

"In fact, it has quite a dark history.

"There have been a number of sudden as well as natural deaths at the inn."

Mr Davies and a crew from the not-for-profit group, Paranormal Paratek, will take over the inn from sunset to sunrise in an effort to connect with the past.

Using "triggers" such as historical music, antique items and things associated with the inn like playing cards, to evoke spirits.

Is the Royal Bulls Head Inn at Drayton haunted? A team of ghostbusters will be out to answer the question this weekend.
Is the Royal Bulls Head Inn at Drayton haunted? A team of paranormal investigators will be out to answer the question this weekend.

"If we understand the people that were associated with the inn, what their life was like and what interested them, we can connect with the past," he said.

"We would like to determine whether there is any spiritual energy and what level of activity there is."

It is the stuff that would make the ordinary folk's hair stand on end. But for Mr Davies, it just another day in the office, albeit a creepy office.

"People basically fear the unknown," he said.

"But we know what to expect."

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Mr Davies said most paranormal activity could be explained away with scientific evidence, electrical interference or simply psychosomatic expectations.

Having said that though, Mr Davies has a "good feeling" that something unexplainable will happen at the Royal Bulls Head Inn.

"Purely because of the number of deaths, particularly suicides," he said.

"I feel there is something there."

The members of the Lynch family lived at the Royal Bulls Head Inn for over 100 years. Mrs S Lynch was photographed as an 80 year old in 1932. Credit: John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.
Members of the Lynch family lived at the Royal Bulls Head Inn for more than 100 years. This is Mrs S Lynch in 1932 when she was 80. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

Ghosts of the Inn

  • The Lady in the Night Dress: First recorded in 1908. Believed to Sarah Horton, the wife of the first proprietor, William Horton.
  • The Three Drovers: Died after chewing on tobacco contaminated with arsenic.
  • The "Chinaman": Committed suicide after eating throat lozenges soaked in strychnine. Was found dead in an upstairs bedroom.
  • The Young Man: Died after having his throat cut on the ground floor.
  • The baby in the well: People have reported hearing the cries of a baby near a disused well at the back of the inn.