Pregnancy yoga prepares your muscles for delivery

PREGNANCY yoga can be used by both expectant parents to make childbirth effortless.

Pregnancy yoga prepares your muscles for delivery by strengthening core muscles through the gentle exercises.

New yoga practitioners and beginners find the postures and breath work easy and ideal for pregnancy.

Gentle, curative, and relaxing, yoga is good for overall wellbeing.

Pregnancy yoga has a lot of poses for sciatic pain and solutions for excessive morning sickness.

Yoga is an excellent way to get your body back to regular exercise post-pregnancy.

In fact, lots of women have found the life-long journey of yoga has myriad benefits during and post-pregnancy.

There are guidelines you must follow as a general precaution.

Always pay attention to your body.

If you feel the slightest discomfort, you should stop immediately.

At some stages you might alter some poses to your body's physical changes.

You must avoid all contraction poses and when doing twisting poses, twist more from the shoulders and back.

This way you will avoid putting any pressure on the abdomen.

Also avoid asanas, which stretch your muscles too much, especially the abdominal ones.

Practice with an expert and here are two poses to start with:

Bridge posture: This gentle back bend posture is good for pregnancy

Cat stretch: This posture will see you getting on to all fours - a position which will help your baby get into proper position.