NATURE CARE: Walking outdoors helps your vitamin D levels.
NATURE CARE: Walking outdoors helps your vitamin D levels. Brett Wortman

Nature care means using the elements to expel toxins

OVER the past two weeks we have covered a little on Ayurveda and simple juices that can improve the life and overall health of you and your loved ones.

This week I am touching on naturopathy and its link to yoga.

Yoga and the breath of life "Pranayama" are both time-tested ancient treasures of great sages, who through their penance and deep meditation, discovered the fundamental truths of life and the steps to good health and happiness.

When establishing the root cause of the ailment, the principles of naturopathy look beyond the disease and its symptoms and recognise human beings as a whole.

Naturopathy does, where possible, involve living with nature.

The finest element of nature is our body and its bio-energy. We can use this to heal the body.

Nature treatments include giving importance to eating, fasting, dieting baths using sunlight, mud, water, scientific massage, enema, yoga and exercise.

In simple words, nature care means using the elements of nature such as earth, water, sun and air to expel collected toxins from the body.

By doing this the body becomes pure, powerful and efficient.

For example:

  • Water - drinking plenty, where possible at least 8-12 glasses every day. Ideally lukewarm, especially in the morning for great benefits. Add a drop of lemon to help balance your alkalinity levels.
  • Sun - all life on earth gets its energy from the sun. This energy is an abundant source and unlimited, so with safety measures, it should be used to the maximum. A half-hour walk gives you vitamin D, which helps the body to absorb calcium, which in turn results in healthy teeth and bones.

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