Kris Dahtler caught this mack tuna.
Kris Dahtler caught this mack tuna. Contributed

Get out on the water now before reef fin fish closure

I'M not sure whether you love yachting or not, but I personally have been glued to YouTube every morning for the past two months, cheering on the Kiwis in the America's Cup.

So, from now it's time to focus back on wetting a line, but the first reef fin fish closure is looming next week, starting at midnight on Tuesday, October 1 and continuing to midnight on Sunday, October 6.

Basically that means you all need to get out on the water this weekend.

We are approaching the last quarter moon phase with very small tides, especially in the morning on Saturday, with barely a metre between top and bottom of the tide.

Folks, the weather prediction for Saturday is sensational and a great opportunity to smash those deep spots outside Broomfield, Sykes, Fitzroy, reefs, or Guthrie and Innamincka Shoals.

There are a few bumps in the bottom east of Wreck Reef as well, which yield some pretty good reds, trout and sweetlip.

For those who love pearl perch this weekend is your weekend, with Saturday and Sunday forecasting light winds less than 10 knots, and on Sunday morning there is a possibility of it glassing out from around sunrise through to mid-morning.

Closer to shore the pelagics are on the chew. Kris Dahtler nabbed an excellent mack tuna, which his bride Melissa said made a tasty sashimi.

There's a wee story behind all this as well, because it was caught on Melissa's rod, which she had to put down while she drove the boat. She must be excellent on the helm.

There are plenty of these just off the coast and this one in particular was caught just outside of north entrance.

Trolling lures or using live baits seem to be the most successful method and you can basically do this from outside Agnes Beach right through to Cape Capricorn and beyond.

Places like Roundhill, Inner and Outer Rocks, Ethel Rocks, Jenny Lind Bank, East Banks, all the way along Facing Island past Sable Chief, Black Head, and up to Rundle Island and around cape Capricorn will all hold up spanish mackeral, long tailed tuna, mack tuna, sail fish, smaller marlin and a heap of different species of mackeral, so don't miss out.

What we'd really like to see is a photo of someone holding up a bill fish from this weekend.

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