Get in now and wet a line with dad before wind changes

Johnny’s father-in-law John Luxford gets in on the action this week.
Johnny’s father-in-law John Luxford gets in on the action this week. Contributed

SUNDAY being the day for dads also marks the first day of spring.

Now, normally this wouldn't mean a great deal but come Monday this patch of nice weather will be just about gone.

The day time wind speeds over the next couple of days til Sunday will sit around the 7-9 knot mark, from the east but Monday we'll see the pressure really build to around 25-30 knots.

Great for the kite boarders and the surfers but not real flash for us who like to wet a line.

So now you have been warned and now is the time to get that boat together, rig up the lines, and plan to head out for the weekend or even the day.

Sunday looks as though it'll be the best day with the breeze possibly dropping out to about 5 or 6 knots with less than a ripple on the water.

Fishing over this past week has been sensational with excellent trout, spanish mackerel, and nannygai being landed.

Being the last quarter moon phase last Wednesday night these next few days should see the fish come on the chew.

Barry Homeyard, for once, has outshone his bride with this nice red emperor along with excellent sweeties last weekend.

Johnny Mitchell treated his father-in-law to a day out on the water this week, too, and as you can see by the two beautiful trout being held up by Johnno, he certainly had a cracker day.

Johnny's bride, Katie, even posted a picture on Facebook saying that a "client" gave these to Johnny. I hope you didn't treat your father in law as a client bud… just sayin'…

Last Wednesday my boss Mark Patton, and Greg Crane ventured off to spot X (up around Cape Cap somewhere), and got into the nannygai and the cod.

Mark had been out last week by himself and dropped a 12kg (he claims) nannygai right beside the boat, as he was endeavouring to get the net or gaff or whatever to bring it in.

Have to say I have done the very same thing with a 30kg red, struggled to get it to the boat, only to see the hook spit out, and it swim back to the depths. If you believe that then I've got a bridge to sell you.

Nevertheless I think we all have experienced dropping a huge fish, which brings me to this weekend being Father's Day.

All of you kids out there here are some ideas, which you can buy from your favourite tackle shop.

We are so blessed with having excellent ones right here in Gladstone, or on the Discovery Coast.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned about a handheld VHF radio. These are sensational when you are onto the fish and someone calls you up, plus talking between boats. They are waterproof to a certain degree.

Another good idea is check the dates on his flares as many will be coming up to their best before date and once they expire they should be removed off the vessel and handed in to VMR, not thrown in the bin.

There are so many specials on tackle outfits at the moment but most of us have a favourite which we use all the time.

Line on these reels though does need to be replaced and it should be done annually, truth be told.

The sun and salt water can damage them and when you get that fish of your dreams on the last thing you want is for the line to break.

For these types of things get him a voucher from the tackle shop and he can choose what brand he wants etc, but stipulate that it must be spent on line, or lures, or whatever. That way you get to dictate the present.

Local fishing guide Johnny Mitchell also has some videos out on mackerel, barra, and mudcrabs. These are loaded with good info, and every Dad should have one.

Barry Homeyard with a solid red caught recently.
Barry Homeyard with a solid red caught recently.