SKILFUL: Jaiden Hill on Roy at the Calliope Camp Draft yesterday.
SKILFUL: Jaiden Hill on Roy at the Calliope Camp Draft yesterday. Mike Richards GLA100618CAMP

Genuine Aussie tradition Camp Draft riders

CAMP DRAFT: A genuine Aussie bush tradition of horsemanship and skilled riders was displayed at the Calliope Camp Draft competition last weekend.

Camp draft riders descended on the two-day event from as far as Marlborough, Theodore, Baralaba and Gin Gin.

The weekend event proved successful with 250 competitors of all ages doing more than 750 runs.

Calliope Camp Draft Association president Craig McLachlan was happy with the popular weekend gathering.

"We had riders of all ages from seniors, juniors, juveniles and even minis - who are tots able to get on a horse and ride,” he said.

Mr McLachlan said camp drafting involved horse and rider working in unison to negotiate a beast out of a mob of eight cattle.

"The rider guides the beast around marked pegs in a figure eight and through a gate which is two pegs,” he said.

"Camp draft is one of the only true Australian sports and is one of the fastest-growing ones,” Mr McLachlan said.

The sport requires consummate skill and horsemanship and the skill to select a beast from the mob, but not too fast for the horse.

There was a fundraiser to go along with the weekend's fun activities that included a live band from Rockhampton.

"Last year, money we raised we donated to beyondblue and this year it will go towards

Roseberry House,” Mr

McLachlan said.

He was thankful for support received from Calliope Rotary Club, Boyne Valley Lions Club and businesses in the local district.