It's a problem all Vegemite devotees know too well: you spread a thin layer of butter first then add the spread, only to find that the butter is now in your jar.

The cross-contamination causes a fight with your spouse or housemate, who strangely (in my opinion) likes their Vegemite plain, no butter - all before any parties involved have managed to even have their morning coffee.

It's stressful just thinking about it, so fortunately Vegemite has come up with a solution to the pressing issue.

From today fans of the salty spread will be able to get their hands on a limited edition "Vegeknife", a utensil with two blade heads - one for the butter and one for the Vegemite.

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There are 200 Vegeknives up for grabs. Picture: Supplied.
There are 200 Vegeknives up for grabs. Picture: Supplied.

Vegemite marketing manager Jacqui Roth said the invention meant there was now "no reason to get butter in the Vegemite jar".

The "very icky" problem is very real for 58 per cent of people surveyed about the issue, who admitted to finding the unwanted edition to their jars.

"We know that Australians take their Vegemite toast very seriously, and we hope that the

Vegeknife will remove the need for difficult household conversations that are centred around

finding out who's responsible for the butter in the Vegemite jar," she said in a statement. "Cross-contamination between spreads in your household will be a thing of the past."

There are 200 of the limited-edition Vegeknives available to win, with competition details to be released via Vegemite's Instagram page.



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Australians are firmly divided into butter or no butter groups. Picture: Instagram.
Australians are firmly divided into butter or no butter groups. Picture: Instagram.


It comes as a survey revealed how we prefer our Vegemite, with most of us (45 per cent) liking a thin scraping on toast.

The Google survey of 616 Vegemite lovers, found 32 per cent of respondents liked lots of butter with a thin layer of Vegemite while 20 per cent like to (watch the world burn) have a thick spread of just Vegemite.

Fortunately what is not up for debate is which goes first, with 86 per cent of people correctly voting that butter needed to go first, followed by Vegemite.

The survey also delved into our very ahem, exacting Vegemite habits, with 45 per cent of those who liked a butter and Vegemite combo wanting more butter than Vegemite.

But 30 per cent liked an even spread of Vegemite and butter, while just 13 per cent liked more Vegemite than butter.

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